Fun Under The Sun

(Report and some snapshots are available below. View the entire set of photos at our online album)

Coming close on the heels of our Nagaichuvai Virundhu (on 07-July-07), this full day picnic was initially scheduled for late January. But we organizers had overlooked the fact that it was on a muhurtham. So we had to reschedule it to Feb 17.

Close to 60 members confirmed to us by email prior to the event. And when the event actually started, Eden Garden at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort was 74 strong!

Being a full day event, there were quite a few plans to keep all those present engaged. The games were all planned and executed by the fresh young blood in the chapter: Arvind S, Arvind S (ya, two of them with the same name and initial 🙂 ), Kalaivanan and Denzil Daniel – all from the 2007 batch of B.E!

The day started with the game “who forms the longest chain” in which people were divided in 4 groups and had to innovate and form a long chain from whatever they had with themselves.

Human chain!

And some people got real creative in this!


This was followed by several rounds of games that one would have seen in Kinder Garden sports meets:


Lemon n Spoon

Sack race

Then there was a game that tested how slippery our hands were! People had to pass water along one long chain and hands and deposit it (if any) in a mug at the other end.

Pass the water

Next was an event that had people scampering around with plastic balls and buckets. This was akin to Jodi No. 1, with mostly real couples taking part in this. One of them would have to throw a ball facing the other side, and the other would have to pouch it in the plastic bucket.

Pouch the ball

Don’t get shocked, this little guy wasn’t part of any couple 🙂 Kids were special entrants in the event

By then our people were fairly tired and proceeded for lunch. That was one opportunity for interaction and everyone used it quite well. What was heartwarming was that members from the first ever batch (1955) were present as well! Our hearty thanks to Mr Kamalakar Naidu and Mr Arthanari from that batch who graced the occasion with their presence.

After that, all members proceeded with introducing themselves and highlighting in what way they can help fellow Techian alumni. That would soon be posted as a separate entry in this blog. Keep watching. And one specific point that came up time and again was that PSG alumni have spread far and wide in the world; when one has to travel abroad, he can sure find some Techian at his destination. All members were urged to make use of this extensive network that our beloved alma mater has bestowed us with.

After the introductions were done, the last game for the day was held: Tambola / Housie! With Chairman Mr Navaneetha Krishnan calling out numbers one by one, everyone was frantically scrutinizing his/her own sheaf of tickets. After the game went on for a couple of rounds, refreshments were made available for all. And that signaled the end of yet another beautiful gathering of PSG alumni at Chennai.

Entire list of PSG Alumni who attended the full day picnic at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort on 17Feb2008:
Name Batch
1 Sivaperumal Murali 1992 Mech Sandwich
2 Sukumaran 1978
3 Kamalakar R Naidu 1955
4 R Kunjipatham 1970
5 C Madhu 1992 Mech Sandwich
6 D Elango 1992 Mech Sandwich
7 Rajamanikam 1992 Mech Sandwich
8 Kandavel DME 1971
9 V J Venugopal 1960 Civ
10 KK Subramanian MSc 1981
11 C .Ravindran BE civ 1978
12 M Sundaram BE Prod 79
13 R Rajendran B Tech 1970
14 T Wellington BE Prod 1978
15 V Srinivasan 1978
16 S Natarajan BE 1974 ECE
17 S Manoharan BE1974 ECE
18 M Muralidharan BE Mech 1987
19 K E Krishnan BE 1970
20 Jothi
21 Navanithakrishnan BE 1977
22 Arvind BE 2007 EEE
23 Arvind BE 2007 ECE
24 Kalaivanan BE 2007 EEE
25 Jayapaul BE 1978
26 Nedumaran BE 1978
27 Chokalingam BE 1978
28 Ramesh K Iyer BE 1978
29 S Vishwanath BE 2006 ECE
30 Ramasethu BE 1978
31 Denzil Daniel BE Civ 2007
32 V Muthukrishnan Btech 1978
33 R Gomuraj BE 1987
34 S Barath BE Metallurgy 2007
35 S Ashok Kumar BE Metallurgy 2007
36 J T Saravanan BE Metallurgy 2007
37 M Arun Prasad BE Metallurgy 2007
38 M Vijay Ramanathan BE Metallurgy 2007
39 S Rajiv Gandhi BE Metallurgy 2007
40 C J Ragunathan BE Civ 1978
41 Arun Kumar B Tech Biotech
42 A Arthanari BE Elec 1955
43 R Narayanan Be Prod 1979
44 A R Doss BE Civ 1966
45 S Ragunathan BE 1978

(Along with family members, the total strength was 74)

The organizing team expresses its gratitude to Mr Sukumaran and Mr Ramesh K Iyer who sponsored Rs 3000 each towards the event. Our thanks are also due to Mr V Srinivasan who sponsored Rs 2000 towards the event.

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